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Transport - The statistical indicators

This section allows you to obtain a ranking of countries by indicator. Each worksheet contains two cards, an interactive one and an image, a ranking over time and a table for the export of data to CSV format. Themes are divided into 13 distinct categories allowing you a better navigation.

transportation Transport

Indicators Updated Source
Motor vehicles (per 1,000 people) 15-07-2015 The World Bank
Container port traffic (TEU: 20 foot equivalent units) 10-01-2016 The World Bank
Air transport, registered carrier departures worldwide 10-01-2016 The World Bank
Heliports 20-12-2014 CIA
Airports 20-12-2014 CIA
Roadways (km) 20-12-2014 CIA
Waterways (km) 20-12-2014 CIA
Merchant marine 20-12-2014 CIA
Railways (km) 20-12-2014 CIA