Asia and Oceania : Internet : Country code top-level domain - 2015

Asia and Oceania : Internet : Country code top-level domain Updated 04-04-2015

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Asia and Oceania - Internet : Country code top-level domain

The data are for the different sovereign countries of the world. The data correspond to the last date of registration provided by the source.

Internet : Country code top-level domain - Wikipedia.

Asia and Oceania : Data table - Internet : Country code top-level domain

Country Data
Flag - Afghanistan Afghanistan .af
Flag - United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates .ae
Flag - Armenia Armenia .am
Flag - Australia Australia .au
Flag - Azerbaijan Azerbaijan .az
Flag - Bangladesh Bangladesh .bd
Flag - Bahrain Bahrain .bh
Flag - Brunei Brunei .bn
Flag - Bhutan Bhutan .bt
Flag - China China .cn
Flag - Fiji Fiji .fj
Flag - Micronesia Micronesia .fm
Flag - Georgia Georgia .ge
Flag - Indonesia Indonesia .id
Flag - India India .in
Flag - Iran Iran .ir
Flag - Iraq Iraq .iq
Flag - Israel Israel .il
Flag - Jordan Jordan .jo
Flag - Japan Japan .jp
Flag - Kazakhstan Kazakhstan .kz
Flag - Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan .kg
Flag - Cambodia Cambodia .kh
Flag - Kiribati Kiribati .ki
Flag - South Korea South Korea .kr
Flag - Kuwait Kuwait .kw
Flag - Laos Laos .la
Flag - Lebanon Lebanon .lb
Flag - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka .lk
Flag - Maldives Maldives .mv
Flag - Marshall Islands Marshall Islands .mh
Flag - Myanmar Myanmar .mm
Flag - Mongolia Mongolia .mn
Flag - Malaysia Malaysia .my
Flag - Nepal Nepal .np
Flag - Nauru Nauru .nr
Flag - New Zealand New Zealand .nz
Flag - Oman Oman .om
Flag - Pakistan Pakistan .pk
Flag - Philippines Philippines .ph
Flag - Palau Palau .pw
Flag - Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea .pg
Flag - North Korea North Korea .kp
Flag - Qatar Qatar .qa
Flag - Russia Russia .ru
Flag - Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia .sa
Flag - Singapore Singapore .sg
Flag - Solomon Islands Solomon Islands .sb
Flag - Syria Syria .sy
Flag - Thailand Thailand .th
Flag - Tajikistan Tajikistan .tj
Flag - Turkmenistan Turkmenistan .tm
Flag - East Timor East Timor .tl
Flag - Tonga Tonga .to
Flag - Turkey Turkey .tr
Flag - Tuvalu Tuvalu .tv
Flag - Taiwan Taiwan .tw
Flag - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan .uz
Flag - Vietnam Vietnam .vn
Flag - Vanuatu Vanuatu .vu
Flag - Samoa Samoa .ws
Flag - Yemen Yemen .ye